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March/April 2014

Dear dog lover:

Wednesday, March 26 is Purple Day™ - a world day for epilepsy awareness. Help us spread awareness that dogs get epilepsy too! Send photos of your epileptic dog to chfdonate@akcchf.org. Include your dog's name and hometown.  The AKC Canine Health Foundation will participate in Purple Day™ by featuring our epileptic canine heroes on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

There will be much more from the AKC Canine Health Foundation concerning epilepsy in 2014.  We are currently accepting grant proposals for research projects to better classify the disease, understand the underlying mechanisms that predispose dogs to epilepsy, and to introduce new treatment options for canine epilepsy.

Thank you for all your support of our mission to help dogs live longer, healthier lives!

Health Tracks: 2014 Clinician Scientist Fellows
Clinician Scientist Fellow Abigail BertalanThe AKC Canine Health Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 class of Clinician-Scientist Fellows. Five promising veterinary residents were selected by their colleges of veterinary medicine and will receive support from CHF for their training and research efforts. The Clinician-Scientist Fellowship program seeks to encourage and support the next generation researchers in order to sustain future advancements in canine and human health. Meet the 2014 Fellows.

Featured Grant: How Dogs Acquire Knowledge
Man and Golden RetrieverService dogs can dramatically improve the lives of people with a wide variety of disabilities. One challenge is increasing the supply of well-trained service dogs, while at the same time ensuring the emotional health of the dogs chosen for service. Researchers at the Duke Canine Cognition Center are working to identify cognitive traits that predict success during assistance dog training. This research will ensure that we begin to take the steps to understand canine emotional health and well-being in the service dog selection process and beyond.  Learn more about this grant.

Health Tips: High Blood Pressure in Dogs
Basset HoundHypertension, often called high blood pressure, is the elevation of blood pressure above a number that's expected for the species. According to a consensus statement by veterinary specialists, dogs with systolic blood pressures exceeding 150 mmHg may experience negative effects of their high blood pressure and require medication or further evaluation. It is important to understand high blood pressure in dogs because early signs of hypertension may be misinterpreted as normal changes due to the aging process. Learn More.

Recent Podcasts & Webinars

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with Dr. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh and Dr. Elinor Karlsson

Syringomyelia (SM) in the Brussels Griffon
with Dr. Simon Platt 

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Penn Vet Working Dog Conference
Philadelphia, PA
June 5 - 8, 2014



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Established in 1995, the AKC Canine Health Foundation's (CHF) mission is to advance the health of all dogs and their owners by funding sound scientific research and supporting the dissemination of canine health information.  Through the generous support of the American Kennel Club, Nestlé Purina PetCare, Zoetis, dog clubs and dog owners worldwide, CHF has dedicated more than $40 million to canine health research projects and education programs.  

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