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November/December 2012

Dear dog lover:

In order to sustain future advancements in canine and human health, the AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) makes it a priority to encourage and support the next generation of canine health researchers. To this end,CHF recently established the Clinician-Scientist Fellowship Program.  Five promising veterinary residents were selected by their colleges of veterinary medicine as the inaugural class of Fellows and will receive support for their training and research efforts.

Please take a moment to read about each of the five 2013 Fellows and consider lending your support by adopting a researcher.

Health Tracks: Emotional Well-being of SAR Handlers Impacts Dogs' Health
Search and Rescue DogSearch and Rescue teams perform incredibly important, and incredibly stressful, work. However, until recently, there has been little research on how the stresses of the job affect the mental health of the humans and dogs. Researchers recently determined that a factor that significantly increased depression and PTSD symptoms in handlers was having a dog who became sick or died. Interestingly, shifting of the bond between dog and handler did not only affect the humans.  Changes in the health of human handlers also affected the well-being of their dogs. Learn more about the study results.

Featured Grant: Defining the Bacteria that Contribute to Periodontal Disease
Dog with ToothbrushOur knowledge of the causes of gum disease in dogs is poor, even though this is one of the most common diseases of dogs and causes severe pain and tooth loss. However, it is widely thought that certain bacteria may cause the disease, as is the case in the human form. To overcome this problem, researchers from the University of Glasgow will use the most modern, cutting edge laboratory technology available (known as 'high-throughput sequencing') to provide an in-depth understanding of the types of bacteria that cause gum disease in some dogs but not others.  Learn more about this grant.

Health Tips: Paw Care
Holding Dog PawSince dogs spend so much time running, jumping, fetching and generally romping indoors and outside, is it any wonder that having healthy paws is so important for a dog's well-being? A few simple steps will keep your dog's paws in good shape and help you recognize common ailments of the foot. outcomes. Read more about paw care.
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2013 Grant Webinar
CHF's Chief Scientific Officer, describes the 17 new grants funded for 2013. She explains how these grants will work together as stepping stones to create a path toward improving the health of our dogs.

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