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September/October 2011 Issue 5

Dear dog lover:

The 2011 National Canine Health Conference this August was a resounding success.  We are so grateful to Nestlé Purina for their sponsorship and hospitality in St. Louis.  The full conference presentations will be available online soon, however a review of the cancer updates and the benefits to human medicine presented are available now.

In other breaking news, the CHF Board of Directors recently approved twenty-one new research grants amounting to just over $1.5 million to commence in 2012.  We are busy notifiying the researchers and look forward to sharing the specific projects with you soon.

Health Tracks: Lens Luxation in Terriers
Jack Russell PuppyLens luxation occurs when problems with the structures in the eye cause the lens to detach and move around. Although lens luxation is seen in a wide variety of dog breeds there are certain breeds in which the condition is particularly problematic.  Researchers have found that the major cause of lens luxation in terriers is a mutation that causes transcription of a gene known as ADAMTS17 to be cut off too early. Read more about this discovery.

Featured Grant:  Isolation and Characterization of Tumor Initiating Cells in Canine Osteosarcoma
Scottish DeerhoundTumor Initiating Cells (TICs) are the "seeds" of a tumor responsible for tumor formation, metastasis, or relapse of cancer. Surgery and chemotherapy may rid the body of 99% of tumor cells, but it takes only one TIC left behind to regenerate the tumor. Due to the devastating nature of osteosarcoma in both human and canine patients, it is of the utmost importance to identify and characterize TICs in order to develop new strategies to fight this cancer. Read more about this grant.

Health Tips: Managing Canine Arthritis
If your dog experiences difficulty getting up, tires easily or seems stiff, arthritis may be the culprit. The most common type of canine arthritis is degenerative joint disease, or osteoarthritis, affecting one out of five adult dogs in the United Sates, the Arthritis Foundation recently reported. Read about how to manage arthritis in your canine companion.

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